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Mediant offers quality music lessons with an approach you can trust. We have all heard the famous adage, that "practice makes perfect", but what and how we practice can make all the difference. The mediant approach is founded upon only two areas of improvement. This simple to use method taught in lessons has greatly enhanced the piano playing, singing, composing, and musicianship of many musicians.

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"Throughout the last two decades of my musical career, I have rarely come across an individual as skilled, creative, and easy-to-work-with as Jacob, (founder and teacher). I have never met a composer who can produce a character or style with such a fine-tuned ear, and as quickly, efficiently, and easily as he does. I've worked with countless music writers, and his expertise and turnaround for creating new melodies is unbelievably fast and high quality."

Keiko, professional violinist, California


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